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Monday, June 16, 2008

Saturday ride

Check out the 20 km that I've circled. If you have trouble adding, that's 34:20. Ok, so it is 20 km of a general downward slope, but it's really more like rolling hills that take you to a point lower than where you started -- plenty of uphill sections there. I'd never ridden any 20 km anywhere near this fast before! A big thanks to the guy who urged me on :-)

The rest of the ride (about 60 km total) did not look like this, but I rode my heart out for that 20 km and it was amazing!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pictures from the Women's Triathlon

These are a bit late -- I've been too lazy to post them! Here goes...

Here I am before the race. The team manager caught me in the transition area looking for the bathroom. I did eventually find the porta potties, but they were incredibly disgusting -- I didn't know that women could be so gross! There was no way I was using them. No need for any more details...

Coming out of the swim... Hard to believe how many women were still behind me, considering how slow my swim time was (and you can only see the ones who had already finished swimming -- there were plenty still in the water). Note how far we had to run in the water -- and it was an equally long run on the sandy beach after getting out of the water.

I've just come off the bike and I'm heading into T2. My favorite part of the race was over.

This was actually shot near the end of the run, when I was feeling better. It sure doesn't look that way! I don't want to know what I looked like for the first 2.5 km!

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